From Breaking Up to Making Up: A Review of “The Magic of Making Up”

Time and time again, heartbreaks in ended relationships seem to be one of the most painful things any human creature can ever experience in his lifetime. And no matter how many times it can happen to you, you can never get yourself used to the fact that your heart will always hurt.

Sometimes, you may not even recover for a very long time. Loving someone always has its risk that when it comes to ending a relationship, it becomes more painful to do so with the one you love. Bookstores have shelves and shelves full of self-help books that promise to help you in times of distress. If you think you’ve read enough of these books and still need a little push, then you might want to explore the possibilities of buying yourself “The Magic of Making Up”

“The Magic of Making Up” is an e-book available online upon order. After its initial release in the year 2008, it has slowly become more and more popular as more and more people are beginning to see the advantages of reading and applying the lessons written in the e-book. Contrary to other self-help books that are written by certified psychologists and psychiatrists, “The Magic of Making Up” is written by TW Jackson, a certified average guy who moved a lot because of his military background. Being an army brat forced him, then, to sharpen his social skills by learning how to get along well with diverse people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Perhaps, when looking at the e-book, the credibility of the author makes it a little uncomfortable for readers to believe that a normal guy can actually help them. On the other hand, it is a big comfort knowing that a normal person such as Jackson has undergone the same painful experience as you have and have learned how to get up and face the problem squarely, and is willing enough to share how he did so.

“The Magic of Making Up” covers a lot of topics and discussions, from the 7 things you shouldn’t do when you get dumped to using the “clean slate” technique when you yourself have caused the breakup by cheating on your partner. Some interesting topics also include “When to Apologize,” “What Women Crave the Most,” “How to Get Relief from Breakup and Depression”, and “How to Diffuse Arguments Before They Start.”

Jackson, the author, does not deny that these topics can also be found in any self-help books in any bookstore, but with a $39 deal, you get all those topics not separately, but all together in just one cheap e-book. It also promises some unconventional solutions to relationship problems that no book as ever discussed and can only be tested through experience.

Now, you can have the opportunity to experience what hundreds and thousands of people have experienced after reading “The Magic of Making Up”: a renewed relationship that can last a lifetime. Order your own copy now and get back with the love of your life in no time.

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